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Create & Use E-Subscription Forms: Complete Tutorial

From start to finish, learn to create E-Subscription Forms for your newsletters and websites that allows prospects and customers to sign up for your marketing.

Part 1: Creating Form Fields

You can learn more than name and email address with a sign-up form. Create custom form fields to ask for feedback you want.

Part 2: Creating A Form Banner

You can easily make your E-Subscription Form visually fit in with your newsletter or web site. First, follow the steps to create a form banner.

Part 3: Modifying A Form Background

The next step to customizing the look of your form is to modify the background. Uploading a graphic is simple and quick.

Part 4: Editing & Finalizing Your Form

Add the finishing touches. You can easily add your E-Subscription Form to your newsletter or generate web code to place it on your website.

Part 5: Adding A Campaign

Attach an auto responder “campaign” so when a prospect or customer uses your E-Subscription Form, they receive an automatic reply.

Part 6: Viewing Form Reports

See the list of your subscribers and the contact information they provided, and read their answers to any custom form fields you included.

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